2021-2022 COMMITTEES

Any questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate chair person.

Executive Committee – and Long Range Planning
Glenn Block – President  email:
Kerri Jo Danninger – vice-President email:
Scott Pankow – Secretary    email:
Eric Lichtenwald – Treasurer   email:
Roy Kowalkowski – Fifth Board Member  email:
Audit Committee
Terry Zastrow – Chair    email:
Kerri Jo Danninger
John Hackbarth

Building & Grounds Committee
Sid Mueller – Chair    email:
Sue Hackbarth
Kerri Jo Danninger
Donovan Niedfeldt
Joe Mulligan
John Hackbarth
Roy Kowalkowski
Eric Lichtenwald
Charles Maney
Michelle Degot
Tom and John Hackbarth – Trees
Ben Lyons – Trees

Invasive Plant Management Committee
Bridget O’Brien – Co Chair    email:
Kerri Jo Danninger – Co Chair
Michelle DeGodt
Kim Anderson
Sandy Siewert
Sue Hackbarth
Kathy O’Connor

Budget & Finance Committee
(Note: duties now handled corporately, either through the executive committee or the entire board of directors.)
Committees should strive to meet a minimum of once a year as a whole.

Recreation Committee
Joe Mulligan – Co Chair    email:
Eric Lichtenwald – Co Chair   email:
Michelle DeGodt
Elizabeth Weiler
Tom Kuxhause
Donovan Niedfelt

Camp Governance Committee
Mark Ilten – Chair email
Chrisanne Lichtenwald – Keeper of Camp Records
Joan Cox – Compiler of Camp Documents

Chapel Corporation Directors
(for informational purposes only)
Joe Mulligan – President
Andy Martin – Vice President
Glenn Block
Sue Hackbarth – Secretary/Treas.
Colleen Lichtenwald

*Glenn Block is adviser to the Chapel corporation for improvements/repairs.

The Chapel directors now appoint the various committees which previously formed the chapel committee.
Construction & Inspection Committee
Tom Hackbarth – Chair    email:
Scott Pankow
Glenn Block
Mark Ilten

Safety Committee
Charlie Maney – Chair  email:
Tom Charlesworth

Dock Committee
Glenn Block – Chair  email:
Roy Kowalkowski
Garrett Cox
Joe Mulligan
Tom Hackbarth
Scott Pankow

Mobile Home Court Committee
Jim Shields – Co-Chair email:
Terry Zastrow – Co-Chair  email:  or
John Hackbarth
Richard Kubalek